The brother of pop singer Nicki Minaj has been arrested for sexual abuse of a child

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Jelani Maraj, brother of Nicki Minaj, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the sexual abuse of the stepdaughter

The brother of the pop singer Nicki Minaj, Jelani Maraj, should serve 25 years in prison for sexually abusing the stepdaughter. The gang-rape on the girl took place in 2015, when the brother of the pop star has repeatedly abused the 11-year-old.

That same year, the small the accused, and led to the testimonies that have tried the violence. The judgment was delivered on Monday, 27 January, and the news of the condemnation of Maraj has been given by the site Radar.Online.

The court case began in 2015, the year in which they happened the facts of sexual violence, but the condemnation was given only now. To give the judgment is the judge Robert McDonaldthat has given the maximum sentence-25 years, for the crime of rape.

Jelani Maraj has abused the stepdaughter

The accusations against Maraj have been advanced in 2015 and it was the victim to press charges. The teenager said that Maraj has abused her, a teenage girl of just 11 years. The small he also told in details what was going on, and the terms with which Maraj was calling her. The indeed, he said that it was his doll.

After the accusations Maraj was arrested, but then he was back, free due to the payment of a deposit of 100 thousand dollars. The 11-year-old had spoken in his evidence of a relationship unhealthy, and how he was obsessed with her. The little girl was the one that appeared visibly tired from that bad experience.

Nicki Minaj and her family history is complicated

Once again Nicki Minaj suffers from family troubles quite serious and complicated. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, the pop star has not had an easy life and his family has resulted in so many tragedies.

Robert Maraj, the father of the singer, was a violent and was also alcoholic. Its violence was such that once set fire to their house. Another tragic fact in the life of Nicki was the killing of his cousin Nicholas Telemaque took place in 2011.

The young man was killed near his home in Brooklyn. This tragic event Nicki Minaj has also spoken in his songs “Champion” and “All Things Go”, inspired by this fact. The popstar also confessed that as a teenager is pregnant, and she miscarried. The experience has marked for life.

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