The contents of Disney will no longer be available in Movistar+ in April for the arrival of Disney+


The countdown has begun. Disney+ is about to land in Spain to overturn the industry of streaming. Its low prices and the reputation of its content, despite being smaller in number than other platforms, make the new video on demand service a very attractive option to the rest of the companies will have to prepare.

Movistar Disney

Movistar+, which until now was the platform that offered in Spain everything related to the House Mouse, is already warning its customers that the content of its thematic channel Movistar Disney will no longer be available on the 7th of April. As a logical consequence that, in reality, has two possible readings.

The first of these is that Disney has not wanted to renew the licenses to maintain exclusively all of its contents in Disney+. If so, it would be a hard blow for Movistar+, which would lose a good part of their catalog, which results in a potential decrease of subscribers.

Possible agreement

The second reading would go the opposite way. And is that, although there is nothing official, it would not be unreasonable to think that both companies are working in a new partnership with the include the subscription to Disney+ through any of the packages Movistar. In this way, both companies achieved a significant increase of customers.

The possibility is plausible given that Movistar+ already has a similar agreement with Netflix since the end of 2018. Rumors of the partnership between the Spanish company and the Bob Chapek take time playing, as in France, the american giant managed to integrate Canal+ last December. It is possible that the strategy may repeat itself, as well as with other teleoperadoras as Orange or Vodafone. For now the only thing certain is that Disney+ will definitely to Spain on the 24 of march.