The date, the four seasons, and the Story of the Trailer


Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Sucker Punch is the Ghost of Tsushima on may 26. In June of 2020, in an exclusive for the PlayStation 4 is published. The Action Adventure will be available as a Standard Edition (€69.99), the Digital Deluxe Edition, a Special Edition and a Collector’s Edition when it’s available. In addition to this, an all-new Story Trailer gives us more detail about the history of the Samurai, heihachi, Jin, and Sakai.

Sony: “For the last Trailer pushed the main characters of Jin and Sakai is in focus, has a new Trailer and some of the characters you meet on your journey, and bring you to the honourable skills as a Samurai to the harsh reality of the suit. One of them is as a result of his uncle, the Shimura, the Lord, ‘jito’) from Tsushima is. As a father figure, he had taught Jin to the arts of the Samurai, and it is becoming more and more concerned about the fact that he is hanging out with his assumptions in the traditional way, as it begins to develop in the “spirit” of Tsushima. The other major character in Khotun-Khan, the leader of the mongol army. Ruthless and cunning, he will use all his Knowledge of the Samurai warriors of Japan the Samurai is ending wipe-out.

Pre-order any of these editions, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • Jin’s Avatar
  • a digital Mini-Soundtrack, with compositions that are selected for the game
  • dynamic-PS4-a Design based on the game’s cover

The one on the PS Store-Digital Deluxe Edition (price: 79,99 Euro) is going to offer you, in addition to the standard version, the following contents:

  • The hero of Tsushima-Skin-Set* consisting of the
    • The horse
    • The saddle
    • The mask
    • The sword
    • Armor for Jin
  • the other two Items in the game:*
    • Care of the please Hachimans
    • The technology of the point -*
  • dynamic-PS4-Samurai-Design –
  • the digital Mini-Artbook by Dark Horse
  • The comments of the developer, which is a Japanese historian compares it to the world and to the Spirit of Tsushima, with the actual events in Japanese history, the Setting, and the Story of the game is inspired by

The physical Special Edition includes the game:

  • SteelBook Case
  • A Voucher for the digital content from the Digital Deluxe Edition, including both the mask and the sword of the Hero of Tsushima-the Skin Sets in, for the Moment, please Hachimans, on a technical point, the comments of the developer, and the digital Mini-Artbook

The Collector’s Edition includes exclusive items:

  • a physical replica of the iconic Samurai-mask to the rest of the scene-of-Polyresin
  • 1.30 Meters in length, range-of-war-Sashimono’)
  • the traditional wrapping cloth’Furoshiki’)
  • The game is in a SteelBook case
  • physics, a 48-page Artbook by Dark Horse
  • Voucher for bonus digital content for the Digital Deluxe Edition
  • printed on the fabric in an artistic design of the map of the world

* All items are unlocked in the game by progressing the story.
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