The death which sinks to the queen Sofia for what he did at the funeral


March 05, 2020
(11:01 CET)

The Queen Letizia you will get the hair-like hooks each time you pass a page of the book Letiziathe queen impatient, which recently brought to light in the writings Leonardo Faccio. The chronicler has left well portrayed to the monarch and to the Family Real. Appear secret unpublished that put in evidence the members of Zarzuela.

LetiziaHowever, if there is someone who has always known intimate secrets of the Spanish monarchy is Jaime Peñafiel. The journalist has explained life and miracles of Juan Carlos, Sofia, Felipe and Letizia. And on many occasions has done so with a certain animosity, by throwing intimate secrets that can even embarrass more than one.

The ugly-Sofia

An attitude that could have their origin in what occurred 20 yearswhen he died Elizabeth at the age of 21 yearsthe only daughter of Peñafiel, of which it is known that she was addicted to heroin. And is that on that occasion Peñafielcontrary to what I expected, not received the support expected by the Royal House. “The queen was very bad. So terrible, so terrible…”, revealed in the program Good Morning Madridwhere happened this Wednesday.

“I sent a letter requesting audience with the queen Sofiamy daughter needed a therapy and she was presiding over a foundation against drug. The king called me right away, the queen is not. It took a month to give me a sympathy and did so with a letter. Has always been very dignified, a great suffering, but that hurt me a lot”, revealed Jaime, recnonciendo that until a month after the funeral, knew nothing of the queen.

The queen emerita, doña Sofia | EFE

A letter at the end of a month to cover curriculum

It is fair to say that Peñafiel already referred to this matter in the book 80 years of Sophia, wife, mother, and grandmother. Then the journalist wrote: “When he died my daughter just received a call from the king Juan Carlosto whom the queen Sofia he had passed my letter. And as a human being with feelings that you are missing her, called me saddened by the drama that was living”. But Sofia do not put in contact with him until a month after, by a letter.

“I think that the terrible drama which he was living, and which ended with the death of my daughter, he deserved something more than a simple letter of commitment”, he concluded on the matter.