The Eternals: Salma Hayek reveals an amusing truth about your character


Salma Hayek could not contain the urge to reveal a glimpse of her characterized as Ajak in The Eternalsas the mexican actress it is characterized by having a long hair and therefore shared in Instagram how is it that the people in charge of peinarla should make sure that everything is in its place.

The Eternals is the new movie from Marvel Studios, in which Angelina Jolie and the mexican actress Salma Hayek are the protagonists, a film that still has much to reveal to the fans, because we do not yet have an official trailer, as they began the creative process of the characters with their respective actors.

What caused that Salma Hayek decided to share closely in his Instagram, one of the many looks that take their character from Ajak, being a sophisticated hairstyle in particular that required many “pins” to hold your hair and a bun big you go in the front.

Salma Hayek on Instagram

In the account of Instagram of the famous mexican actress, we can see that most of the 30 pins are the ones holding the hairstyle, already that Salma Hayek was the one who counted the total of them with a fun interactive video, as you ask your more than 14.3 million followers what you think of this style for Marvel Studios.

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There is No doubt that many fans of Marvel Studios and Salma Hayek, are eager to see the end result of all this mega-production, after the end of Avengers: Endgame, the phase 4 of the UCM may be closer than expected, as the series of Disney Plus as Falcon and the Winter Soldier” premiere at the end of 2020.