The FritzBox with new features: a New laboratory for the Update to the devices that are available


The AVM was able to get the most of the Fritz boxes with the Update to 7.12. In the meantime, the manufacturer will go to the next step, and it is also the first of the Updates to version 7.13 and 7.14 for the Fritz boxes.

On the side of the FritzOS daniel 7: 13 the more lines to get a recently, Update has been. It is the FritzBox-6890-LTE the The Fritz! box 6820 LTE (including the V2). This table includes also the FritzBox-6591 Cable so. The first of the boxes to get the Patch to 7.14, the The FritzBox variants of the 7520 and the 7530. In the early FritzOS the candidates have been provided with a 7.14, which now includes the FritzBox-4040 that you have added. Over the next few days and weeks, the Update has to be handed over to other devices.

The Update on the FritzOS 7.14 does not bring any major changes com. In contrast to the Version 7.10 on here, just a few small improvements, bug fixes, and stability improvements to be donated to the organization.

Anyone who wants to try it with the FritzBox, can-new The Lab’s Update looking forward to it. More specifically, it is the FritzBox Models, 6590 Cable and 6490 Cable in the second Test of the Patch you have provided. This means, among other things, an Option to use the WPA3, as well as the access to the encrypted links to a guest. In addition to this, you receive Fritz boxes, 7490 and A seven-thousand-five-hundred-and-ninety – a new Version of the lab Upgrades. The 7490 is now Version 07.19-76429 as for the 7590, with the Version 07.19-76430 it is shipped in. Here, too, the above-mentioned Feature is ready for Testing.

Prior to the Upgrade, however, is a Copy of the current Version is to be created.