The look-alike of Ariana Grande on the TikTok looks like it so much that even the singer has noticed


November 27, 2019

On TikTok you see amazing things and, if the app did not exist, for example, we never knew of the existence of a look-alike Ariana Grande!

It’s called Paige Niemann and started to use TikTok in 2017, the year in which it was launched, but it was only when the 15-year-old has decided to devote his account of the imitations of the singer that the number of his followers exploded, reaching a figure of 1.6 million followers, and 11.4 million of like.

We do not believe that it is really the copy of Ari? See for yourself:

The same Ariana Grande has noticed this video and said she was curious to know why Paige chose her current look combined with the voice of Cat Valentinethe character that the star played in “Victorious”.

I wonder why the voice of the Cat and the box – wrote on Twitter – I am sure that she is the sweetest, really! But it is strange to see people combine the two worlds.

If the artist of “7 Rings,” he kept calm in front of this similarity, some have called the video “disturbing“or even,”terrifying“. Ariana Grande is then stepped in again in the comments for ask you to be kindwhile other users have explained that the 14-year-old has managed to imitate the look of the singer using only makeup.

Beyond the comments-positive or negative – on the social, you know, there’s no way of getting everyone to agree – it sure is an imitation that you can see among the many that appear every day on TikTok!

ph: getty images