the new robot vacuum is available in Germany, I


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At the end of February, it was announced that the robot vacuum, Dyson is going to be a 360 Heurist will soon also be available in Germany. This “right” is to be achieved. From now on, the Dyson 360 Heurist in this country.

It was a 360 Heurist is available in Germany

Brand new 360 Heurist is not the Dyson. In the past year, there has been introduced in Canada. After Dyson’s new robot vacuum cleaner shown in the end of February and already it was App, it is clear that it comes from Germany.

Now Dyson is listed, the 360 Heurist in the German Online Shop it was. Technical data on the properties, and it was the sounds of 360 Heurist’s quite interesting. It was talks about, among other things, that you have already installed the Dyson Digital Motor V2 with a 78,000 rpm. It gives you 20% more suction power than the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum. The robot vacuum cleaner in retail stores, where it’s already cleaned up, in order to gradually create a more accurate picture of their lives. You can be in certain areas, and to define the behavior of the suction of the robot separately for each area of the set.

The eight individual active LEDs to help with the suction, and the Navigation of the robot in low-light conditions. Through a clever SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) in white sucking a robot where it is and where it needs to clean up. Dyson offers a run time of 75 minutes.

The dimensions of the 120x242x230mm, the Dyson works in the 360 Heurist, in our eyes, a little chunky. The price is 999 Euro. (Thanks To Sep)