The new rules of the App Store, Apple’s advertising Push notifications are allowed


There is almost nothing left of the Nervigeres such as Push notifications, that are sent for marketing purposes. Apple banned the App-Store apps, up to now, officially, something that is appreciated by a lot of users. It’s ugly in the way you mention, many developers are not yet as well-known trademarks in violation of the rule. The range of Applications that have been launched, but only rarely.

A new Version of the official app Store rules, the iPhone maker uses in its Application for review, the Apple has made a Change to it. In the future, and it is allowed in accordance with the Guidelines for the evaluation, basically, is for the developers to send advertising via this channel, but only if the user has explicitly allowed you to. The final approval has not been applied often, she had merely turn on the notifications, it must do this too – and the advertising world.

Under the new rule 4.5.4 it is now, the notifications should not be mandatory and may not be able to send you any sensitive or secret information. For advertising and for direct marketing purposes, you may not “may not be used, as long as a customer has to explicitly Opt-in”. There should be a Dialog in the interface of each App, there is an opportunity for the removal of the development consent (Opt-Out) is in there to give it. “Young lady, you are in need of these services, it may lead to depriving them of their privileges,” says Apple’s next – this can lead to the blocking of the Accounts of the developer.

Some new rules for Apps, and the law in order to serve the purposes of the illegal, this will now be rejected, too, if you are used to in order to escape the law. That is to say, it can also increase the speed of the camera, the Apps are no longer allowed. It also has expanded the Definition of “Spam”Applications. Far-sighted programs, and Application-specific Dating you can, by default, be rejected. In the area of Banking and Finance, the developer must obtain approvals from the local authorities.

Location-based services, for assistance in the event of an emergency, you can use the APIs that are appropriate only if the User has not accurately informed. Mobile-device-Management Applications that can accept “a limited number of cases, the” additional Third-party analytics Tools when it comes to the performance of the Applications, the private data of the user are out-of-bounds. In addition, Apple stressed that developers need to treat the customer “with respect to”. In the subject line of a Spam, Marketing, and customer service, as well as your data.