The offer of Kiko Hernández out of Save me just ok


Kiko Hernández

04 march 2020
(14:45 CET)

Kiko Hernandez is without doubt a face key in the evenings Save me. Since 2009, the contributor has managed to win over the audience and you cannot understand a Save me without your presence. It is not the presenter, but if a face is essential. The young man is a tireless worker and has earned the esteem of Mediaset.

For this reason the group gave him a program Better tell that to Kikowhere he does the same and reverses in the early hours of the chain. Now, however, could be about to carry out his great dream that he should renounceSave me some days. The exconcursante of Big Brother he has always wanted to devote himself to the interpretation. In fact, on occasion, already gave its first steps and said to do a musical.

The journalist Rocco Steinhaüser has advanced an exclusive on the radio program Version RAC1. Kiko Hernandez would be one of the stars of the new sitcom, Mediaset. The chain is preparing a comedy starring the actor Antonio Resines, so that’s sure to be a great success.

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Finally would come the great news and opportunity that Kiko would be looking for. He knows that the world of tv is complicated. Sometimes you’re up and other down. So make the most of any opportunity that presents itself.

But it would not be the only project between hands. Kiko Hernández is taking a liking to the interpretation after his little intervention in a movie where you got into the skin of a cure. Now comes his great professional challenge. You are going to climb for the first time on a stage. Will star in the play Different, written by Juan Andrés Araque Perez and directed by Juan Luis Iborra.

The premiere won’t be until next September 18, 2020 at the Teatro José Maria Rodero in Torrejón de Ardoz. Your colleagues will be Eva Marciel, Angel Burgos and Fran Anton. Together they’ll travel to Spain on a tour and then I finally get to Madrid.

Hernandez will give life to Alex, a man of 43 years who has achieved all that has been proposed in the life: enjoying great success as a producer, is married to a beautiful woman he loves, has even managed to ‘get in the pocket’ to your father-in-law military…however, perhaps all you can change for him or perhaps realize that it is not as happy as imagined.

The partners of Save me promise to iran to see him in the premiere. In the program we have given the poster of the piece in giant size. “Thanks to Araque for the opportunity that has been given to me. What I’m doing with all the humility in the world and to learn the most”.