The rapper Cardi B interview Sanders. Discussion on the minimum wage, and unemployment – World Affairs


The singer-songwriter and rapper Cardi B has interviewed a United States senator and democratic presidential nominee in the election of 2020, Bernie Sanders, on the economy, the trade union, unemployment.

In a video shared by the singer on Tuesday, you see the two discuss issues concerning the living conditions of the working class.

“A couple of weeks ago I asked my followers if all of you could have had the chance to pose a question to a democratic candidate, what would be that question?”, it reads in the caption of the video. “The topic that was mentioned the most by all of you was one relating to the increase in the minimum wage”.

Cardi B asked Sanders: “what will we do of the wages in America? For example, I, as a new yorker, not now, but you know, when I was not famous, no matter how many jobs I have had, have not managed to make ends meet. For example, I have not been able to pay the rent, transport and food.”

Sanders has recognized the disparity in wages and said that millions of people live with “salaries from hunger”.

“At this moment, there are tens of millions of people who are earning what I consider a salary from hunger,” he said. “Can you imagine someone today who earns 9 dollars per hour? As you pay the rent? How to pay for the food? As you pay for transport?”.

Then to Sanders, the trade unions are important in the negotiation of wages. He said that the workers should be able to join easily to the unions so they can bargain collectively for a decent wage. Sanders has also spoken of its legislation, where it would increase the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

The singer then spoke of the fact that there are jobs in the country, but are paid very little. The current unemployment rate in the USA is 3.7%.

Cardi B is an explicit supporter of Sanders, and has encouraged his fans to send additional questions for future discussions.