the reaction of Angelina Jolie don’t have to wait long


If the Golden Globes we have seen a Jennifer Aniston completely translated from the speech of Brad Pitt – so much so that the fans have not lost the opportunity to dream of a hypothetical return of flame between the two, the SAG Awards the historians of the former are finally met in the backstage area of the event, welcoming the one with the other, to the recognition and brought home.

As if that wasn’t enough, rose to the stage of the event to pick up his award, the actor delivered a speech, peppered with jokes about her marriage Angelina Joliejoke , the Parallels between his life and the lives of the character interpreted Once upon a time… in Hollywood:

“If we are honest, it was a difficult part: do you interpret a guy that is drunk, that she often wears t-shirt, and it is not in agreement with his wife. A nightmare for any actor!”.

But as you have responded to the direct question of the encounter between Pitt and his former historical and the archaeological excavations start on the stage? Not so great.

As reported, in fact, the Sun – that would be came into the possession of the indiscretion by an anonymous source – Angelina Jolie would have defined “regardless of the fact that he joked about the problems in their marriage in front of all the people”.

As the encounter with the Aniston to ferirla not the fact itself, but the reaction of the audience was there. On the web, in fact, many users showed their enthusiasm for the reunification of the ex-couple, so that in many you are dreaming to see again, together, one day or the other.

A detail that filled of worry, the Jolie – always according to the anonymous source – you would be feeling, as if “for your wedding, the audience would continue to have hope in their separation and preferable with Jen”.

In short, a reaction that is understandable, the actress. What do you think about that? In consultation with the alleged statements of Angelina?

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