The serious problem of Jordi González (Survivors) that Telecinco may not cover more


March 05, 2020
(09:00 CET)

New criticism of Jordi González as the presenter of Telecinco. On more than one occasion has spoken of his hobbies, but he has now touched to his character, something special. Some of the contributors to the discussions of Survivors and GH VIP appeared normally with coats. The Catalan likes that the set is frozen to prevent sweating.

During the last seasons of both reality shows Telecinco has always relied on him to lead the discussions instead of in Sandra Barneda. Why is it shown as if you wanted the least to be in front of the reality shows? Nothing remains of that Jordi Gonzalez presented with success Moors and christians, The free encyclopedia, Vitamin N, or TNT.

Jordi González Survivors

Your professionalism has been lost and it seems that Jordi González you want to be apart of the television. Are you tired, unmotivated, as required to perform their work. It is unknown what happens to the presenter. Their 58-year-old almost has his life in Miami and maybe take less to be on the side of people who want to. Maybe this will be the last time that Telecinco count on him to lead their realities.

The viewers have noticed. “Jordi González is still as tasteless as last week. Really, how the organization of SV does not give a touch of attention?” write the user @casasola_89. You have to observe how it continues in the coming weeks and understand that you happen to actually have that behavior so improper in it.