The Smartwatch is similar to that in Apple’s Clock ⊂·⊃


With the release of the first images of its Oppo the Watch is also the deadline for your work, it’s far into the future. At first glance, the Smartwatch, the Apple Watch seems to be confusing, but there are also many differences.

Oppo had previously been exclusively for their Smartphones, well-known right now, the Chinese manufacturer wants to prove that he’s got to offer in the market of Clothing.

In the 06. In march, in conjunction with the release of the brand new Oppo flagship Find 2 more of their first Smartwatch for the view. The first printing of the pre-remind us strongly of the Design of the Apple Watch: Stylish, sporty, square, with rounded corners.

The situation on the rig

However, there are still a few Details that we still don’t know about the new Wearable from the Oppo. Included in the price, the specification of the exact size, and their role in health care. Posted image as you can, but in the Oppo-Clock to take calls and short messages to the calling party, send out.

According to the rumors, an electrocardiogram function (ECG) for measuring heart rate variability are connected. In addition, individual training programs must also be user-selectable, step counter, and the Monitoring of sleep, including.

Compare to the Apple Watch

Even if the Oppo Clock that looks like its counterpart in the United States is similar, there is also to find out the differences: The little wheel on the side of it to the Digital Crown is missing, for example. Second, the larger Button is attached, with which, by means of the functions of a Smartwatch to navigate through. In addition, the gently curved Display is Apple’s Design of the watches.

If the Oppos Smartwatch is also coming to Germany, up to now it has not been reported yet. Here, we have to do in the 06. In march, of course.