the soundtrack, between Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj


ROME – To see them in action, Charlie’s Angels, and we should wait until the 9th of January, meanwhile, is available in digital Charlie’s Angels: The Soundtrackthe official soundtrack for the reboot directed by Elizabet Banks and starring Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, and She Balinsa. The tracklist, including pop, dance and Latin, with the collaboration of many stars of music including Anitta, and yes, even the legendary Donna Summer.

In addition, the album contains four new songs from Ariana Grande, between the other co-producer of the film of the Bansk and the protagonist to the last Grammy Awards. Specifically, the songs she has written are Nobody in featuring with Chaka Khan, Got Her Own feat. Victoria Monét, How The Look On You and Bad To You feat. Normans and Nicki Minaj, single released together with the soundtrack of Charlie’s Angels.

From the album was extract also Panther of Anitta, the song is very sensual musicality typically latina who, we bet, to make people dance. In the meantime, Don’t Call Me Angelanother song of Charlie’s Angelsit was a huge success right after its release last September, so much so that the The New York Times he defined it as “a feminine renunciation of the very conceit of women as angels”.

From Spotify, the tracklist of the soundtrack of Charlie’s Angels

Here, the cover of Charlie’s Angels OST:

The cover of the album Charlie's Angels OST
The cover of Charlie’s Angels OST