The spirit of the Tsushima: PS4 Samurai follows a month after Her adventure


Sony the Phantom of Tsushima on may 26. 2020 for the Playstation 4 to post. Thus, the feudal Japan-based action game that appears a month after the house, The Last of Us 2. The adventure, dystopian, about the main character, Ellie, is on the 29th. May, upon the market the state of the current, then, in any possible way.

The job market

  1. Archer AG, Berlin, germany
  2. The black-and-services-KG, and the space in Neckarsulm

It’s probably not a coincidence that the two films will appear in quick succession: the Sony is likely to continue and the Plan is to collect the largest possible number of players in the Ecosystem, by the end of 2020, the Playstation 5 will be celebrating its premiere, with backward compatibility to the PS4. In addition, both of the above Games should run, probably even with a smaller load times thanks to the faster SSD, and, possibly, of a liquid by a high-performance Hardware.

The spirit of the Tsushima arises in the case of the Sony, heard of the development Studio, Sucker Punch Productions, the program is for the 2014, Infamous: Second Son.

The main character, in the Spirit of Tsushima, is the Samurai, Jin, Sakai, of the struggle, in the year 1274, Japan, south Korea, to the island of Tsushima against the invaders from the South.

The Ghost in the title refers to the fact that he is doing more and more to the opponent, it is almost invisible to the fighter who comes out of nowhere and then strikes. The spirit of Tsushima is going to offer you a role-playing game system, so that the reader is more and more strong, the better the equipment gets.

The Trailer shows off some of the more important secondary characters. A Shimura, his uncle and the rest of the scene. As the figure of the father, and he taught his players the art of the Samurai. He’s Worried about it, because Jin is hanging out with her playing the traditional way and the ‘spirit’ has been developed. The other major character in Khotun-Khan, the leader of the mongol army.

In addition to the standard edition of the Spirit of the Tsushima several different versions of the collector are set. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes, amongst other things, in a way that is not available on the virtual horse in a saddle, and weapons, and armor. The commercially-available Special Edition, additionally provides, among other things, a 1.3-square-of-war with the banner (Sashimono) and a traditional wrapping cloth (Furoshiki).

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