The Weeknd: what is it about the short film After Hours? (VIDEO)


The Weeknd premiered the short film its simple “After Hours”being out of the musical theme, scheduled for the March 20, 2020, which deals with issues of a both strong for the public and a warning in the video about having images that may affect people who suffer from epilepsy.

What is it about the short film?

The new video of After Hours is to demonstrate the attitudes strange and somewhat dark of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, since it seems to have a side psychopath who is gradually taking over from him over the course of the video, being a similar style to that seen in the film Joker Todd Phillips.

This short film that showcased The Weeknd has more than 1 million views on YouTube after 8 hours of its release, as large number of comments by fans of the singer, where it went the theory that the famous could be expressing a painful past of his life and now wants to convey this feeling with their music.

Style that we saw in his song “Blinding Lights”, with a focus on the underground whose light is always above the singer, making reference that he feels tormented by their “inner demons”, whose only option seems to escape himself, without success, so he can feel more comfortable to let out your side psychopath.

Something that predominates in the new single by The Weeknd, is “solitude” and according to the information of The 40, the singer is displayed in front of the camera with a look series, then change showing signs of pain, to finally give in to the sadness that surrounds it caused by an anguish uncontrollable.

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There is No doubt that The Weeknd wanted to give to understand a little of what you’ll see in the lead single of his new music album and this video on YouTube proved to be an innovative way of telling what’s new in their catalog of songs.