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You’ve got a lot of missed calls because you can’t go fast enough on the phone. With this simple Trick you can extend your ring tone.

The ringing of the phone, but you’re never fast enough to make your escape. Then, the tap length may be set too low. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to change it in the settings. However, this is a simple Trick that you can do for your Tap to enlarge.

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In order to extend your ring tone, you can easily The tax codes for the mobile networks work. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone or Apple iPhone: Which a Code for work on your home network. What do you need for this simple Trick, that is, of course, from the user’s password is different than the digit for the Code, it’s important to you.

  • Tenéfonica (O2 and E-Plus): 333
  • Vodafone: 5500
  • Deutsche Telekom: 3311

The whole of the tax code of the command to spawn the ring is **61* * * * The Reference Number**Seconds#. For the duration of the ring tone you can be between five and 30 seconds in five-second increments.

An Example Ofif your service provider is Vodafone, and you will have a ring duration to 30 seconds, such as:

If you hold your computer for a maximum of 30 seconds, you’re going to need it in the future, double the amount of time for the phone call. As the default setting for the network operator, it is usually for about 15 seconds.

More Tricks for your phone

Even if you can extend your ring tone: each time you answer the phone when it rings, you you you you should. In the seven-figures, you have to be very, very careful. We are going to tell you how to block phone numbers it can. The one deleted, or an unknown number calls you? So you can find out who the caller is. You can see the tax codes of a lot more useful things to do. In order for you do not miss any important task, we have compiled a list of the so-called WMD Codes, and Codes, USSD.

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