trailer, plot and cast the film with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B


The official trailer for Hustlers promises really well, thanks to the presence of the volcanic Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and not only that. Here is the trailer, the plot and the whole cast of the film.

A great ritrno on the big screen and Jennifer Lopez, that will wrap other beautiful women for a story inspired by something that really happened.

Hustlers – the plot of the film

The film, directed by the director Lorene Scafaria, is inspired by the history of some of the women, the protagonists of the article The Hustlers at Scores the New York magazine, 2015 written by Jessica Pressler.

Hustlers follows the story of a desperate mother, Destiny, who turns into a lap dancer to make ends meet his family in trouble. At the height of the excess of capitalism in 2007, Destiny meets Ramona, an expert performer in a lively strip club Manhattan (already populated by fierce dancers interpreted by Cardi B, Reuse, and Trace Lysette).

Ramona brings the Destiny under his wing to teach her how to do her job well and earn a lot of dollars.

The cast of the film

As already mentioned, in the film see it in action, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Reuse, Trace Lysette and Constance Wu in the role of the protagonist’s Destiny.

In the cast we find also the names of Julia Stiles, in the role of Jessica Pressler, Mercedes Rueh and Madeline Brewer.

The date of release of the film Hustlers

The film, which will be presented in a world preview at the The Toronto International Film Festival, will arrive in theaters in the United States on September 13.

To be able to see in Italy, instead, the date to mark on your calendar is that of the November 7, 2019.