Virtual Reality has a Half-Life in a “radically new environment”


In a new Video from Valve, the developers talk about Virtual Reality, Half-Life: Source, and, as the player will experience a new form of the Half-Life for the preparation.

In a one-IGN-Video-developer, Robin Walker, and a level designer Corey Peters, comments on the early sections of the game.

Input areas are to be designed, the players will gradually Virtual Reality and with the new mechanics of the game to enter. One of these sections hundreds of beta testers trying to figure out who the players are they need time to learn the basics, such as how to physically Reload the weapon, and muscle memory in order to be saved.

You have come here in order to be “fair” to the player’s opponent on the diving in these areas are insulated and further away, and the horror elements were brought back, to overwhelm the reader.

The VR-game, in a play in a different way, and the developer is happy

The density and time are very important for the project: “There is so much to see and discover, and you want to make sure that you use some of the most interesting environments and scripting events in the game space.

However, the developers were surprised to find that performs the test, the amount of time a game tester, led him to explore the environment.

“As a Designer, it’s incredibly great that you can build, and you can be sure that all the players look very carefully at,” he said on the Valve developer Robin Walker.

As a result, it has introduced a solenoid Valve mechanics of the game, which is a reward for the players, he is the way for you to survive in environments that are hidden to find the important features.

“Fertile ground” for Half-Life

In an Interview with Game Informer, Robin Walker has revealed why the Half-Life: Alxy from the ground up for Virtual Reality has been developed.

The Valve has started to experiment with the contents of Half-Life 2, and I’ve found that the mechanics of the game fits very well to the Reality of the Virtual, even if they have not yet been optimized. “It was the first experience, of course, that’s the Reality of the Virtual, would be a breeding ground for Half-Life,” says Walker.

In the Virtual Reality, you have to develop it opens up many new possibilities in the Half-Life of the game framework, and a lot of new ideas brought into the game. The same mechanics that you you you you you you already know from the previous Parts, the game itself felt in the Virtual Reality that is very, very different. This is the case for the level design and the combat. Fans of Half-Life in a “radically new environment” of the experience.

Walker suggests that, in addition to this, the control Valve has an interest, the Half-Life Saga, and after a short Half-Life: Source still. In the interval, say a Valve, too. “We see that the Half-Life: Source, in absolute terms and as a Go back to the worldnot the end of it,” says Walker.

First, the environments in Half-Life: explore the Citadel

For those who can’t wait, and the owner of the content, Valve has released, as announced, the first Black-add-content. Now, the users can explore both SteamVR game environments: an outdoor area in the shade of the citadel, and in the laboratory, the Citadel, friend, and supporter, of God. The graphics and the level of inter-activity is not, however, in keeping with the game’s ending.

Those who do not have a table of Contents, they may be invited by the owner of the Contents in the environment, or at the very least, the Video is from Youtube.

Half-Life: Source appears in the on day 23. In march, the sunglasses are exclusive to the standard, PC-VR. More information about the game, you will be Helped out on our great e-guide, the-Life: Source.

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