What a shame! Pao Poulain, sister-in-law of Yuya has accounts of hate


As you all know, Yuya and your sister-in-law Pao Poulani (wife of his brother Fichis) do not wear well, however this hatred have been brought to Pao to commit an act which caused him the embarrassment of his life in one of their videos TikTok made a comment on your own video thinking that she had changed her mind.

So, apparently the wife of Fichis has fake accounts of hate towards herself but using the names of club fans Yuya. In the video you see below you can see the comment of Pao before you delete it.

Pao Poulani, do you have envy Yuya?

Of course, this is one of the worst bears in the life of the youtuber, Pao Poulain. It is worth mentioning that several years ago was also involved in a drama similar since it came to light that he created fake accounts to throw a lot of hate to Yuya to their backs, and it seems that multi accounts have not been passed, because this time he did it again and left all the evidence, for the fans of Mariand Castrejon realized.

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After the indiscreet comment we can decrypt that Universoyuyita it is an account of Instagram handled by Pao dedicated to the youtuber Yuya but with what goal? That no one knows but after his stumbling fans began to attack it because they don’t understand why you pull hate myself.

For his part, Yuya just posted a curious tweet on her Twitter account that says “the universe always sends signals, and many people interpreted it as a blunt message to the lady Pao Poulain.