Whatsapp, is it still safe to use, but only for users of the Android operating system


Whatsapp is regarded as a secure System.

Whatsapp is regarded as a secure System.


The for is the Facebook-deaf messaging service Whatsapp is just as safe, could be safer and more secure.

The reason for this is, from 2016, with the provision of the Option of Chat history in Google, then save in the Cloud can now be protected with a password.

The Choice is, as yet, appeared only in a Beta Version for the Android users. for users of the iPhone, it can be empty.

The Blog wabetainfo.com dedicated to only Updates of the following the universe, and the ” what’s new in the Beta version of the App for Android and iOS devices, and now it says about an update for the Android Version, which would make the Messenger even more secure.

The Android version is in beta 2.20.66 wabetainfo.com he saw the so-called Secure Copy security Feature. From 2016 on, the Backups can make a backup of the users in your chat history on your Google Drive. This saves you space on your phone and makes the transition from one level to the next, the Smartphone more comfortable to wear.

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One drawback: until Now, the storage of the chat history in your Google Drive with revoked Two-factor authentication, it makes Whatsapp one of the most secure Messengers. The new Feature solves the Problem, you can save your chat history saved with a password that you added to the query.

Up until now, has only appeared in the Beta Version of the Android App. It remains to be seen is if Apple users to gradients in the logo, your Chat, you can double-insure. On the iPhone, and the Backup is not backed up through Google Drive but in the cloud.

Currently, to Protect your backup Copy is still in the development stage, and it is for this reason that there is no release date set.