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It is so far off the next Update to the Android as well as iPhone, you can allow your users to dark in Each. The Facebook company announced on Tuesday night and highlighted the benefits of a Dark fashion, with a witty Spot.

A dark background is easy on the eyes and the battery. A lot of Apps and PC programs to provide a Dark Mode, in which the white areas to match the color of the earth. Tuesday, 3. In march, looking forward to the Chat.

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As for the Facebook subsidiary said in a statement to the press, and on Twitter, it’s going to get out of the way dark places in the next few days through an Update to support Android and the iphone. The user will only need to look at the settings Application on your device for Updates, and then install the new Version. However, it may take a few days for them to show up in the App Store.

Step by step instructions for the Android phone, you’ll find it here. Which devices will get the Update here.

WhatsApp: it is For this reason that the development took so long

According to WhatsApp, the Dark Mode has been the blog’s “most requested Feature”. Recently, he had an ever-growing number of references to a publication in the near future. This means that users of the Beta have been able to try the Version of WhatsApp is the dark any longer.

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“It took a while for the global Roll-out of the Dark Mode”, according to WhatsApp, then the WhatsApp you can present to your users with the best possible outcome.” According to information from the developers would be concerned about the choice of colors and Designs, especially to two aspects: readability and a Design that puts the important information at the top.

The Background is dark, but not black

Unlike most other Apps, WhatsApp does not rely on a black man, but a dark gray Background. This should be avoided especially in the “unpleasant Moment”, “if you really want to read a little bit of the most recent messages in your phone and the bright screen of a smartphone, it’s suddenly lit up the whole room. In a promotional spot that shows the Facebook subsidiary, which is meant by this.


To enable dark mode

Users of the new Version of WhatsApp for your phone, you can enable the dark mode in the settings. Go to the “Chit-chat”Settings, and then select from the menu “The reason”. Now it is “The dark.” available to you. If the Resource is not available, do you have WhatsApp, they have not received the Update, and I still have to wait for a little while.

Android 10 to and iOS, to 13, the function is activated automatically, if the user has set in their system settings for a match-the-dark Design. A step-by-step guide, you’ll find it here.

WhatsApp is with its two billion users around the world with the most popular instant messaging service in the world. The company is a part of the Facebook group.