WhatsApp: the New is finally here – some of you have been waiting for


WhatsApp: an Update, allow it to stay in the dark. The one on the iphone, ipad and Android users a long-awaited Change to the windows live Messenger service will finally become a reality.

  • WhatsApp set new Feature available to you.
  • The Function it is iOSand AndroidUsers as one might expect, for a long, long time.
  • It is now the dark in the Chat,.

Munich – the one That lasts for a very long time, is finally in a good place: after a long Wait, the Courier Service WhatsApp now, at last, to his Users the Dark-Fashion – available to you. The So dark right now it works only for the AndroidFor the users, but also for the owners of the iphone. The announced that a subsidiary of the company, Facebook on the evening of Tuesday, via Twitter.

Chat: a lot of you have been waiting for, finally it’s dark outside!

As the company has announced on their Blog on their website, it was Dark-Fashion – “the world’s most sought Function“in his Users. The joy is the joy of it WhatsApp in the Users great what is the So dark and now, finally, it has been introduced. Where it has, until Recently, only Android users in the possession of the In the dark it is turned on, this function is now also available for iOS devices.

The opinion asked the question: What do you think of the wizards of the language.

In a chat, that many of you have been waiting for the Dark, it brings the fashion

The focus is on the development of the WhatsAppSo dark it was, according to the FacebookA subsidiary of the company, two aspects of it. The best To read to make sure that the colors you choose, and the burden on the eyes as little as possible. The color selection was, therefore, the two mobile operating systems Android and iOS set. The color should be, however, it is not only the To read to optimizebut it is also the The concentration the The user on of the most important pieces of information from the drawing. By means of the elements of the design stand out even more so now. The new Function therefore, make sure that in the eyes of the the dark Environments to be released.

WhatsApp it is also the dark Situationsit was unpleasant as it could be, if the Screen of your smartphone, the bright lights. The visitor should, for the future of the film industry, the So dark the WhatsApp now, this is not a Problem for the first time. The annoying Popcorn-an-gels shall be removed, more analog.

In a chat, that many of you have been waiting for – how do you change to dark mode

How to chip.de ” explains, you need for the new one Feature with the latest Version of the The MessengerThe service. All Android Nine or, more to find The dark Fashion in the case of a WhatsApp in the “settings” tab. After that, select “Chat,” then click on “Design” and “the Dark”. All Android Ten or iOS Thirteen it can be installed System-wide So dark set. In the attack, and then automatically to WhatsApp.

The So dark it alone really is not enough to improve the eye-of-the-guard, and slumber, upon the ghost just yet. Because of the benefits of the The dark Fashion it also depends on many other factors.

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