Whatsapp: this is the-Dark-is-introduced


Finally, the dark
Whatsapp leads the Dark fashion

In a way, dark in the case of a Smartphone, the time to a great sound. Only in the case of Whatsapp, it is the desire of the user has remained in the char after the display of the long-unheard-of. That is about to change right now.

The Chat is part of the logo for the circle app, which is a dark mode cannot be set for both the Android as well as iphone. The so-called Dark Mode, is to relieve the eyes in the dark, the reading will increase, and your Smartphone as a nuisance, a bright source of light in dark spaces, such as Facebook, says. The way of the most-requested feature.

Who in the imagination of situations in which the Dark Mode could be useful, the Facebook help you with a stunning Video of the falls. It is as clear as the day is bright, the display on the phone of the people in the sleep, tears, or movie-goers upset.

The dark ways of providing an inverse of the representation From the light of the Background with a dark font with a dark Background, the light from the source is the one that leads to the fact that the screen emits less light.

Is it in low light or darkness are frequently more pleasing to the eye, and so on, can you feel the light is being disrupted. At least in the case of OLED Displays, this display also helps to save energy.

Whatsapp-the-Dark-of-fashion colors, and design elements are also, in part, to be used as normal, such as Facebook, he says. Because of this, the company aims to ensure the legibility of essential information.

For the owners of Android – -page 10 – iOS or-13-a-phone can turn on dark mode globally in the system settings. All the others are supposed to find in the Dark Option, So the App’s settings, under the chat/Design-the-Dark”. A corresponding update of the Apps is designed in accordance with the Facebook in the next couple of days.