WhatsApp Update brings us a dark mode



WhatsApp brings you the news in a different light than in the dark

With the new Dark Mode in the WhatsApp Chat service as a messenger in the dark, it won't cause any damage to your eyes.

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With the new Dark Mode in the WhatsApp Chat service as a messenger in the dark, it won’t cause any damage to your eyes.

It’s dark, and you will want to check your WhatsApp messages. For this reason, you have to take it as far away from the eyes of a piercing brightness in the purchase. The Facebook messenger has been changed, this is inconvenient right now…

WhatsApp announced now for the next Update: This Time around, the new features to the popular windows live messenger service will be a more enjoyable Reading experience in the dark. For the sake of the Dark-Fashion – it comes from. What does the User expect, and how to enable it….

WhatsApp is resulting in significant innovation on the way to dark

Have you ever been in a bed for the night, and you remember suddenly that you wanted to reply to someone on WhatsApp? For that, turn on the light, you and your Partner wake up? So, you whip out your Smartphone and do you want to do is start typing. But as long as the flash video is chopped in the face, and it can also be used as long as it is written in the Chat will not turn dark. As you consider quickly whether the message is you still have time in the morning.

With the new feature of the messaging service of Facebook is now made, so you can write even in the dark, easy on the eyes, and retrieve your mail. Because of the dark, so that you will be presented with the next software Update for the iPhone and Android devices, as stated in a press release, the Facebook subsidiary, and in an announcement on Twitter.

Then, in the dark it seems so WhatsApp is

It was a Feature that had been requested by the User, the maximum or so, and now it’s finally here: The dark, the dark grey Background that is easy on the eyes. In this respect, for the developers, especially in a good read, and it’s a Design that puts the important information at hand.

When and how can we use the dark of the Chat?

Over the next few days, the Update will be available to you. To be able to the WhatsApp-the-dark, how to use them, you should do just that:

Download and enable:

  1. In the settings App on your device to check for Updates.
  2. Please install the latest Version.
  3. In the settings under the “live chat” to go on.
  4. The menu item is “subject to” option.
  5. Option in the “Dark” button.

The new Feature is not to be found, you’re going to get it from the phone and still have to wait for a little while. Anyone who would like to get a taste of what to expect for this to be a Chat feature, you can watch the funny commercial for the Dark Mode:

Many users are using WhatsApp, which is the reason why many of the new dark mode to be excited about. Less pleasant, to another a message on the connection to the messenger service has Recently started. There was a Chat problem, chat group, appeared on Google.

The all-new dark mode, WhatsApp is a boon, certainly, for the health of your eyes. In most cases, you can find more information on our Videos about eye health:

To delve deeper into the subject of diseases of the eye, have a look at our page on this topic.

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