who are paid the most famous stars of the decade


Scarlett Johansson

, Robert Downey Jr., Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie. What they have in common? As famous actors and Actresses that are in every corner of the world, bills in hand, the stars are more of the decade paid.

The majority, of course, won a position, because you are in a tight catsuit made of super heroes. Film samples, collection, by gradually able to pull contracts, more and more burdensome. However, even in this uniformity of characters of, there’s something in contradiction to this list. A specific firm, the eyes clear and unambiguous.

The differences in the remuneration between men and women is a custom that the parties in Hollywood. It is clear that we are talking of compensation in millions for the one and the other. But it is a matter of principle. As happens everywhere in the world, (Western) women are, on average, a third less than men. And the one thing that changed in the last ten years. You have to look.