who is the new boyfriend Pete Davidson, the former of Ariana Grande


kaia gerber

Kaia Gerber is passed from the Chanel on the roofs of Paris, a new love. The former of Ariana Grande… He is Pete Davidson: who is it? Read and look at our gallery. AP photo

Now it’s official! Kaia Gerber, 18 years old, and the crown of model of the year, is in love. Officially, in fact. He is Pete Davidson. Ex-Ariana Grande (among others)… You have photographed hand in hand on the sidewalks of New York…

Kaia doesn’t need presentations. But him, yes. Pete Davidson, for the record boyfriend serial the it girl of the american. Fashion, cinema and music… And not only.

Kaia Gerber: who is the new boyfriend Pete Davidson?

The last in order of time, is Kaia Gerber. Also the model most in vogue at the time, fell victim to the charm of Pete Davidson. As had happened before her a star of the calibre of Ariana Grande, Kate Backinsale, Margaret Qualley and Cazzie David.

The daughter of Cindy Crawford she was surprised in the company of Pete now several times. Starting with a lunch secret by Sadelle in Soho. With PageSix that tells the story of how he slipped out of the door of the palace of Kaia in the early morning.

Pete Davidson, Kaia Gerber

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber in the scoop of PageSix

But who is Pete Davidson? More and more often his name seems to jump out associated with beautiful girls. 25 years, by profession is a comedian. It is, in fact, one of the faces of the tip of the Saturday Night Liveof which is joined 5 years ago. One of the most young people of all times of the legendary transmission. Is part of the cast of Jesus Rolls – Quintana is back!of the new film Judd Apatow and the sequel to Suicide Squad, which we’ll see in 2021.

Pete, the son of the firefighter who died on September 11 2001

New york Staten Island, Pete has a very particular history. His father, in fact, was a firefighter who died on September 11 2001, when the collapsed Twin Towers. Him, who was then 7 years old, was heavily affected by the tragedy. Was a teenage rebel “who thought often of suicide,” as revealed in 2016. He says that to save it was the music of the rapper Kid Cudi.

Suffers of crohn’s and stage fright. There rose the first time only because challenged by friends “but because I had smoked maijuana”, admit it years later.

Margot Robbie, Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Margot Robbie during an episode of Saturday Night Live.

He bought a house in Staten Island from $ 1.3 million where he lives with his mother. Yes, you understood well: he converted the basement to turn it into his apartment. And is looking for someone with which to get her out “because that is when my dad, who virtually has none”. (We admit it: we’ve sweetened the translation. In the interview he was talking about his mom and how she will not face sex).

It is starting to attend to the environment of the artists of New York that he met his first girlfriend famous. This is the comic actress canadian Carly Aquilino, with whom he has a brief report in 2015.

Then it was the turn of Cazzie David, the daughter of the creator of Seinfield and actor Larry David. For two years they made a steady couple. “It is the most beautiful girl in the world, look how lucky I am,” said she in 2017. But the year after the two split.

Pete Davidson, Cazzie David

Pete Davidson with the ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David. Ap Photo

Ariana Grande: the great love before Kaia

Because in the life of the comedian is the entrance to his greatest love: Ariana Grande. Is in may 2018, the two begin to exit together. Both come from two stories to be important (her with the rapper Mac Miller). And the passion is overwhelming. Much to burn immediately the stages. And decide to get married a little over a month later. Not even the time to look for a location. In October, the report stops abruptly.

It is a choice, Ariana. And Pete takes it very badly. “It is still so in love with her!”, they say the friends. She dedicates a couple of songs Pete Davidson and Thank You, next. He makes a post on Instagram where it says to be thinking of suicide. And then delete all the photos from the profile. The fans are worried call the Police. Who rushes in studies in new york’s Saturday night live to check that it is good.

Margaret Qualley, Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Margaret Qualley at the premiere of “Seberg” at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia 2019. Photo: Getty

Spend a few weeks. And Pete knows Kate Backinsale. With the 46-year-old English actress the manifestations of affection are public. Whether you are in a room, at the party after the Golden Globe 2019 or at the sports arena to see a basketball game. Having a great time. Respond in tone to those who insult on social.

But four months after it is finished.

Ariana Grande pete davidson

Pete Davidson is the boyfriend serial in a long line of famous girls. Like Ariana Grande, her… great love! Ap Photo

And in the life of Pete Davidson joins Margaret Qualley. The daughter of Andie MacDowell. Able to turn your head to the character of Brad Pitt in There once was a… Hollywood. They are together even at the last Venice film Festival, where she is on the red carpet of the film Seberg.

But, on time, the story is consumed in a handful of months.

It is mid-October. Pete is single and… here comes Kaia Gerber.

Cute, funny, and problematic. And yet women fall at the feet of Pete Davidson. Relations short and intense. Ending well: remained friends with all his ex. Also Ariana Grande. Among the first to arrive to make sure of its condition after the scare of the post to Instagram last December.