A 4K or 8K TV? That’s how big the difference really is


The participants in the study, that is, of course, was not notified of it when you have 4K, and when you see a 8K display. They also showed that in the control group repeated just the 4K Videos, in order to be statistically reliable. The respondents were then asked if they had seen Version A and B Version of the music video for “something better,” “better,” “much better” or “equal”. In general, it showed about 10 seconds of 4K-and 8K-Clips on to the hedge on the 21 different sequences.

You’ve been so quite, that it is the view of the individual participants in the trial had been held. Also, it happened to be false, for the delete-variables. Because, if someone is really in need of a pair of glasses, and almost out of the out-of-focus it appears, then, it should be clear that the Person will have problems to distinguish between 4K and 8K. But what are the results of the study carried out so far?

Now, on average, the participants in the study in order to assess the 8 the versions the majority of of the time as the same or only slightly better than the 4 as well. It was, however, also recognizes that the nature of the material, it has a lot of influence. Because the subjects with the largest differences, and in the case of natural shots of Stacey She is real. This is most likely due to the fact that such materials are often many of the small, fine detail through Macro photography.