A financial analyst’s Day in 2020: AMD talks about the RDNA, 3, Zen, 4, and 5 nm to the end of 2022


AMD talks about the Financial Analyst Day in 2020 is to leave RDNA origin, 3, Zen-4, and the intention of the Chips based on this architecture, a 5-nm of torque, or a new Node is High,” he finished. In addition to this, the manufacturer suggests that a new graphics card, a Black-and-red, two axial fans, a potential of the Radeon RX-6900 with an RDNA-2-architecture.

Lisa Su has opened up for a Financial Analyst in the Day

Dr. Lisa Su, the character, is the chief executive officer of AMD, has been open for a Financial Analyst Day in 2020, and it gives you a little taste of what’s to come in the next five hours.

The woman was in October of 2014, the Chief Executive officer of AMD, and that he wants to continue to be, in spite of the contrary messages that are too optimistic, and it turns out, once again, that the currently favourable situation, especially in the first, due to (2)-architecture-Ryzen And 3000 (Test), and Ryzen thread-Ripper-3000 (Test), and Epyc 7xx2 in Rome, it was.

Lisa Su also brought forth once again the importance of looking at the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X (Test) “as much as possible of the Working area of the word processor in the world“and Ryzen thread Ripper 3990X (Test) “as much as possible, HEDT processor in the world“and he pointed to the imsensen the influence of the Same product.

AMD is seen in the areas of Desktop, HEDT and the leading Mobile
AMD is seen in the areas of Desktop, HEDT, Mobile to leader (image: AMD)

The Zen-4 to 5 nm, RDNA 3. until the end of 2022

After t he vision of the past, the present and the future, you find that the CPU-and GPU-architectures, Zen-4, and RDNA, the 3 goes back to a road map to 2022, again and again. The corresponding Slide in the presentation is that this article, as the title of the image.

In addition, the RDNA of the strategy, with a possible new graphics card, and the Next-Generation of video game consoles. RDNA 2 will definitely not be proficient in ray tracing, in which ways and with what speed. One of the Slides was a ati Radeon RX-5900 with an RDNA, a-2 architecture, it can be speculated, AMD has said, however, there is nothing.

The RDNA-a Roadmap to the Next Generation of consoles are more of a problem
The RDNA-a Roadmap to the Next Generation of consoles are more of a problem (image: AMD)

AMD has already implemented more than 20 products in the 7-nm

According to the CEO of Su is AMD’s CTO of Engineering and Technology,” this is Mark papermaster, and gives a brief Overview of the more than 20 products, all of which can be AMD, to understand, to this day, in a 7-nm process. In addition to this, the current generation of Ryzen e Ryzen thread-Ripper-processor support for Socket AM4, and TR4, the Ryzen-4000 Apu (at the Same time), and Epyc in Rome, with particular reference to the current graphics solutions on the Basis of the RDNA.

Almost by chance, in addition to the role of the teacher, that AMD is manufacturing better than Intel’s. He admitted, however, that it’s because of Intel’s problems with his now-second and 10-nm process. Fair, it should be noted, however, that he speaks here of the 7-nm manufacturing process from TSMC form. In addition, the chief Technology Officer, spoke of a new, ambitious and long-term financial model.

The Zen 2 and the RDNA, and AMD has about 20 products in the 7-nm-process
The Zen 2 and the RDNA, and AMD has about 20 products in the 7-nm process. (image: AMD)

Xenon, 2X, and RDNA, 2 good 4 the Game

David Wang, Senior Vice President (SVP), spoke out for the first time on the new visual identity of the computer and HP industry, in the future, under the Label of a Computation RDNA – short-SUGAR – is going to trade. The chips for the Consumer and for High-Performance Computing, in order to differentiate themselves in the future, and more of each other. The Radeon Instincts MI100 (Arcturus) with 8,192 Vega, shaders, and up to 32 GB HBM2 is the first taste of the upcoming professional graphics cards from AMD.

So, She comes to the RDNA, (2), an improvement of 50 per cent more performance-per-Watt-in-a-mode-of-view. RDNA-2 is compared with that of the first RDNA-Generation of the lie, again, in such a way that the jump in performance in comparison to the architecture GCN. In addition, RDNA 2 is going to dominate, that is, in summary, ray tracing, and the best Performance by using Low-Level APIs to achieve it.

AMD has confirmed what we already suspected: for your graphics card to the Navi-xenon-2X-Sheets on the Basis of the RDNA-2 architecture, it will be by the end of 2020, which is at the Beginning. By the end of the year 2022, next, Navi, 3, and RDNA, the 3, below. With regard to RDNA, A 2, AMD speaks of a liquid in a 4K Game without any compromises, and limitations. To express the potential number and names of the models in the AMD.

In the Datacenter Gpu first, SUGAR is taking the place of a GCN and it’s also up to the end of the year 2022, as members of the successor generation, in the Form of SUGAR, and 2 to be replaced.

RDNA 2 gives you more performance-per-Watt...
RDNA 2 gives you more performance-per-Watt… (image: AMD)
...and it seems to be the end of the year 2020, Navi, 2
…and it seems to be the end of the year 2020, Navi, 2 (image: AMD)

The Zen-4 Italy 5 nm for the HPC Segment up to the end of 2022

For the HPC, and Datacenter Segment, AMD has confirmed that the Epyc-processors of the types-of-Milan-Genoa (italy), on the Basis of the first 3 and Zen-4. For the next Epyc-energy Generation, among other things, to the Exaflop Supercomputer, El Capitan, and, in conjunction with the Next-Gen to help with the Radeon-Instinct-Gpu with a peak capacity of more than two ExaFLOPS.

In terms of Infinity, architecture, and the Genoa, you should be able to deal with CPUs as of the end of the year 2022, in combination with the CDNA-2 GPUs share a common memory, the so-called Unified Memory, and X3D, THE Stack was mentioned for the first Time.

For the next Epyc-processing of the kind at Milan does not appear at the end of the year 2020, commenting on the performance, the AMD, but still. In fact, AMD showed a few Slides to show at once the Superiority of the present Epyc 7002 (Rome), in comparison with the Intel Xeon processor.

The Epyc of the processor 3. The next (Milano), on the Basis of the first 3 listed, until the end of the year 2020
The Epyc of the processor 3. The next (Milano), on the Basis of the first 3 listed, until the end of 2020 (image: AMD)

The Zen-4, and CDNA-2, the Supercomputer at the El Capitan

Specifically, for the Segment of High-Performance computing, the AMD showed a CPU-and GPU-Scripts with the Zen-4, and the graphics accelerators of the newly formed CDNA-line, it is up to the end of the year, his first in 7-nm-courts, and by the end of 2022 for Exascale-Computing-optimized CDNA-2 architecture is to be replaced, which will also be coming to the Operating system for the El Capitan to use.

Also, AMD CPUs, GPUs and equipped the 1.5-ExaFLOPS Supercomputer the Border, however, you should still use the second Generation of the Infinity-edge architecture, and AMD’s Epyc Milan, with as many as four SUGAR-accelerators and graphics to match. On the subject of supercomputers, AMD is in the Person of Forrest Norrod, General Manager of “Data centers & Embedded Solutions,” ” not particularly, it relates to AMD’s leadership position in the next few Exascales.

The Zen-4 in Switzerland and...
The Zen-4 in Switzerland and… (image: AMD)
...SUGAR to 2 for the Exascale era
…SUGAR 2 to the Exascale era (image: AMD)

With, at the Same time, and the Push for more market share

In the mobile Segment, AMD refers to as an Impulse to, once again, the increase in the market share of 12 percent by 2018 at the latest to 16 per cent by 2019. Prior to the Start of the first Ryzen APUs and the year 2017, the manufacturer may request that only 7% of this lucrative market. In addition to this, the number of rigs has increased during this period from 50 to 135, and it’s going to grow up with the Same once again.

In some Benchmarks, the AMD can beat the 7 4800U Ryzen processor quad-Core Intel Core i7-1065G7, in some cases, to a significant extent. In the Same time-the APU is located in the Single-and the multi-core Benchmark of Cinebench R20 * 4 per cent, or 90 per cent of the CPU Core. 3DMark-Time Spy, to the Extreme that it should be as high as 28% more energy efficient, to the advantage of the mobile Ryzen 7. As always, these results should be treated with caution.

The AMD's have the Momentum...
The AMD’s have the Momentum… (image: AMD)
...and, with at the Same time the performance crown
…and, with at the Same time the performance of the crown (image: AMD)

AMD has done a “Build it Better”, by Dr. Lisa Su (a PDF file), on “the Future of High Performance in the role of a Brand label (PDF format) “in the Conduct of the GPU, Leadership, written by David Wang (PDF), “Driving Growth In pc’s and Games” by Rick Bergman (PDF), as well as a “Data Center”, the Leadership of Forrest Norrod (PDF) and “Sustainable Growth”, by Devinder Kumar (PDF format) of all presentations in the Evening immediately following, the chartered Financial Analyst is available to Download.