A thread and nothing more. Sofia Suescun teaches the back just like this! Look at the picture (and takes hours)


March 05, 2020
(18:29 CET)

Sofia Suescun has become to leave all stunned with a picture of those that removed the hiccups and is that of Pamplona knows very well how to draw attention to his 23 years.

On this occasion, has not hesitated to publish a photo in which she appears wearing only a sweatshirt with a hood and a bottom and very brief, a thread and nothing more. Something that will be uploaded to the beats of the pulse to more than one.

The celebrity Spanish has not hesitated to send a message to his detractors who accuse him of using Photoshop with a “The envious will say that it is… ups”.

Sofia Suescun

A few apologies to her

Nagore Robles has left of present Women and Men and vice Versa this week and wanted to send a message to Sofia Suescun surely this was not expected.

And is that the former presenter of the program said looking at Sophia: “I apologize if at any time there has been something that I have done damage, I am not perfect and I will continue to commit a thousand errors, but I hope to continue learning at your side”.

An apology that also were addressed to Kiko Jimenezhowever, beyond a few cold applause does not seem that there has been a reconcialición with a Nagore to which they were anxious to see outside of the program.