Afraid to Angelina Jolie. Alarm-bomb on the set of the new Marvel movies

In progress the filming of “The Eternals”, the new Marvel movies looks, in the occupation of among the many also Angelina Jolie. As reported by the influential The Sun”, in news of four February has, it seems, that the sentence of the cinecomis was evacuated due to an alarm bomb.

Angelina Jolie in this moment was Ford of Venturaon the Canary Islands, in the chosen location for some scenes of The Eternals. To have the blame the escape from the set seems to depend on the fund of a bomb, the amazing line in the vicinity of the force. As a precautionary measure, thought to be all in safety before the arrival of the blaster. British journalists have reported the news, saying that it was an explosive device, the the second world warpossession of the beloved by the Nazis, who had just in Ford Ventura raised a military base.

“It was bad. The bomb was there for decades, and who knows what would have happened if he had been thrown, told The Sun an insider. We have avoided a battle. It was only on the set of Angelina Jolie, but also Richard Madden. Fortunately, we have evacuated and all of the experts have to resolve the situation.” In the incident, but there is no press release from the house of the production. The danger has not been averted, because the work has already begun. There are no delays on the schedule, the film will be ready for november 2020.

Angelina Jolie is now in theaters with the continuation of Maleficent, movie cracker of Disney. Employment in the Marvel movies, the actress marked the debut in the world of super-heroes. It is very beneficial for the actress to the controversy over the divorce of Brad Pitt, went with too much work and too many delays due to a lack of agreement as to the custody of his children. In spite of everything, the film career is in full sail and is flanked as an Ambassador for the weakest. The role and kept it in the Eternals is still top secret, but it will certainly be able to Shine his acting skills. In the new Chapter from the Marvel in addition, the first super-heroes, is openly gay in the franchise, even with him still top secret. In the cast besides the already mentioned Angelina Jolie, is scheduled to appear by Richard Madden (ex-face de game of Thrones), and with the addition of Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington (also he cerlebre, appeared in the fantasy series of the last generazioine), Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Lia McHugh, Don Lee and Barry Keoghan.

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