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The irises have a clear charm and magnetism in particular.

Hard not to be caught. The stars like to know Kroasting Stewart, Olivia Wilde, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson or Cara Delevingneon the red carpet around the world not to forget and improve on the make-up artists, experts, your makeup green eyes and blue. Nothing, but within the reach of every beauty addicted. The answer to the question “how do the better the page is clear” is the theory complementary colors.

Why put the complementary colors

You play with the nuances of the fair is the rule. For example, purple, a hue in the color circle, complementary to green and blue. She’s not the only one: all the colors can range from red to pink to magenta, plum and fuchsia – especially when the eyes have a peak – to- brown are ideal for those looking for the irises, is clear. The first step in experiments with the best look, try a make-up monochrome. Then, giving a twist to bold, by other shades from the finish, bright or matt. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty look of the moment, as the smokey eyes sfumatissimo or a eye make-up with realized metallic eye shadowto the view of the protagonist of the beauty look.

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Eyeliner pens and mascara, the allies, perfect

Must not be missing on your vanity tableespecially if the goal is to be even more depth to the eye make-up. We’ll talk pencils, eyeliner, khol and mascara, allies in play on the details to the millimeter. In the choice of the color is better, the most important thing, from figuring out what the final effect. The color tones are usually recommended greythe brown or purplebut also black can find a place. To complete the example, if it is entrusted to eye make-up, the message with a look seductive. The stars, as always, teaches that the rules are slightly bent in the target. And of course, we are getting married this theory. With a piece of advice: if in eyes redness and small imperfections are to be metered, attention, well the colors. Avoid shades of brown, red or a shade of purple, because you can select the small defects.


For those looking for a make-up-soft

Nothing is better to select the nuance spring how pinkthe fishing or bronze is mixed until a bit of Golden eye shadow. The trick for a eye make-up super easy and the lighter color to apply on the entire eyelid mobile. Finally, select a second darker one for the outside and for the rhyme above work, the dust effect cut crease more graphic and defined.

How to choose the mascara

Up to the make-up we think a brushstroke of color on the lashes. You can opt for the classic blackif you would like to create a contrast with the lighter shade of eye shadow. You will pass the exam mascara brown and the dark purple.

Make-up-tone-sur-tone, the eyes green and blue

Always a risky choice, the eye-make-up-tone-in-tone in contrast, why has. Think of the magnetic effect of the blue eye shadow on a iris d’azur, for example. The green combined with the green is full score. Experts advise, however, choose a shade that is green darker than the iris, not the shape of the eye punish. Finally, you can make the make-up of living by a eye shadow-vanilla or gold, and a line of eyeliner in the dark.

If you are looking for inspiration in the GALLERY you will find lots of make-up, based in the backstage area of the webs, try all, of course!