All of the Details on the new Smartwatch already leaked


Tomorrow, the Oppo is going to present, along with the well-known Find 2, a new Smartwatch during a live broadcast. The Details for the Oppo to Watch a Chinese Leaker known right now.

The Chinese manufacturer Oppo has been caught out on the Micro-Blogging Website Weibo has already some information about the future of the Smartwatch. It has been confirmed, for example, that the clock is shared with the Oppo Find 2 that are presented. The Project, which is close to the Apple Watch, has been to see a couple of teasers for you. For this reason, it is not surprising it is also likely that a Chinese Leaker has been able to dig up some more information on the watch, and in Weibo sharing.

China Smartwatch with an ECG

According to the Leaks, the display on the Oppo Clock is 1.91 in., much of the rounded edges were seen in some of the pictures. Here, the company appears to use a lcd Display. The inside of the Snapdragon Wear-2500 to put a chip from Qualcomm designed specifically for the Product. The watch must not only be able to monitor your heart rate, but it also comes with an Electrocardiogram (ekg) to be provided. Waterproof, the clock should be up to 5 ATM, that it can be used for the sport of Swimming. These Features, however, comes at a price, and as well, the Smartwatch will have a cost of 2,000 Yuan. Translated into euros, that would be about 258 euros. Beat again for a couple of Euros for the Import and customs clearance at the top of it, so we have to estimate the PRICE of the watch, in Germany, in a little less than 300 Euros. However, it is not clear whether there will be in the Oppo to Watch in Europe.

6. In march, at about 10:30, and the Oppo Find 2 will be unveiled officially at this time is likely to be made up of all of the other information on the well-known. Most of the specifications of the new Smartphone have been published by Mistake.

Source: GSMArena, Weibo

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