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Brilliant Movie Tickets

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You can increase the good old-fashioned movie ticket, have you? Definitely the same! The proof is in the Brilliant Movie Ticket booking of kick, the makers have been given to the Design in the same awards, etc.) But what makes this card so special, and what do you do piercings at the time.

But you were with your friends on the most incredibly bright area and the entrance to the theater, and you were worried for a little Bit. As the show starts out very slowly – it’s the advertising that has been run, pulls back the curtain to the side and enter the dark room of the cinema.

The Shining Movie Tickets,

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Awesome – keep up the Ticket in front of the screen, and you can …
(Source: Li Peitong via Yanko Design)

Difficult to attempt on your cinema ticket, seat number and the seat number, for crack. This is a “3” or “8”? A few pulls in the newest and now the Smartphone out of your pocket, turn on the flashlight, drawing, well, a whole lot of attention to it. What a shame! This is where the Brilliant Film’s box office comes from.

This special Ticket is different, first of all, hardly any of these tickets. It uses some of the a particularly luminous source or of the light, but it is printed with a black font on a white Background. However, the crucial information that you must Enter in the hall of the theater of the Council of Europe, and in particular, the line of the seat, and the seat is drilled out.

New movie in 2020: in This Film, Stands out in front of us in the autumn and Winter,

The film’s Highlights

To be able to read it, then you should have nothing to do, in order to withdraw the ticket in front of the screen of the film up to the light and the “beam” the information that’s important to you, formally. The Designer, Li Peitong have won with this simple, yet genius, idea to 2019 “Um’s Design Award.” What do you think of the idea? You can apply the principle also in the case of any other tickets?

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