Amazon’s Alexa is the improved navigation, you have a choice in the first place, perhaps only in the USA)


Assumption: users of Amazon’s Alexa, you make use of to really like it, but if you have any questions for the transportation of Siri, Google Assistant, the preference is to be given to him. You may ask, Yes, actually, Alexa’s Echo, and / or a Smartphone, as it is ordered to the traffic, for example, to and from the airport. And then there’s the case of a device with only one speaker, for example, in the Us, it is one of the Smartphone, you get a no-display.

The Amazon report, the Alexa rank of innovations in an e-Newsletter that can be delivered to the speaker and asked a question to the Smartphone, in order to get the information on route map. However, it is the innovations that they have brought to their attention by the country of origin of the Alexa in the united states. Here in Germany, I was not able to reproduce the behavior yet, unfortunately, you might like to try it for myself. Here, it remains in the spoken Information, and out of the App, I have a Third-party Navigation system.

Right now, customers can ask Alexa to send you information about their daily commute, traffic conditions, or directions to a destination, right on your Alexa enabled devices to your smart phone. You simply say, “Alexa, how’s the traffic to and from the airport. Since Alexa rank provides the customer with the Update, you can just say “Alexa, send it to my phone. Alexa confirms it, and sends a notification to your phone, tap rapidly on it to start the route with the maps App on your phone.