AMD Radeon: graphics cards, with up to 50% more efficiency by the end of the year


AMD to introduce by the end of 2020, which is the first graphics card with second Generation of graphics architecture, RDNA, with which the chip manufacturer’s High-End market for 4K Gaming I would like to use. A first look at RDNA 2, AMD chief engineer for the GPUs to David, She was a Financial Analyst Day last night. Thus, RDNA, 2), with respect to the RDNA, at 1 (including the Radeon RX-5700 XT is to bring the same high quality as the RDNA 1 in comparison with the GCN (Radeon RX Vega-64, ati Radeon (VII): 50% better Performance-per-Watt, and Wang called.

In practical terms: is A ati Radeon RX-5700 XT, you need this jump is only 150 instead of 225 watts. The majority of this increase comes from improvements to both the architecture and graphical user interface. The long-awaited return of the TSMCs Of 7-Nanometer 7 on the upgraded Version of the L7 with the extreme ultra-violet exposure (EUV), only 10% to 15% more efficient.

AMD breaks down the development of the data centre is the throttle and the CDNA of the architecture of the graphics RDNA.
(Image: AMD)

She promised, in the RDNA, 2 as much higher performance per clock cycle (Instructions per Cycle (IPC), as well as an increase in the frequency of the clock. In addition to this, the engineer has confirmed, in an unambiguous manner, and that the upcoming Radeon graphics cards contain a ray tracing cores, AMD is collaborating with the Microsoft Direct3D interface to DXR 1.1. By means of a Variable-Rate Shading, the Shading can be in the future, the accuracy of the adjustment, in order to increase the frame rate of the video.

AMD’s presentation on the website, in the meantime, a small Teaser as to how the reference design of the upcoming High-End may seem like Radeons. The use of an Axial, rather than radial fans, AMD’s Manager Scott Herkelman, has confirmed on Reddit.

The Teaser for AMD’s next graphics cards with axial fans.

(Image: AMD)

The architecture of the graphics RDNA, was developed with AMD, specifically for the gamers and high-performance 3D graphics. The development of data centers that cleaves the AMD with SUGAR, which is the Computation of the DNA. Next to the Radeon-Instinct-accelerator cards, to achieve a high from the Computer, for example, FP64), as well as the Machine of the Mind, the performance (for example, INT8). The first outcome could be to take the code name Arcturus: A simple Computation to the GPU, with more than 8,000 cores of a Shader Engine for 3D.

With a SUGAR AMD also provides its own Interconnection, the Infinity Fabric, it is harder to focus on. A third Endless-woven Fabric of a Generation, in the next few Template-basic Instinct-Generation of CDNA, and 2 allows for up to eight graphics cards to communicate directly with each other. Your memory can’t be mounted to the Pool of ip addresses. The Exascale Supercomputer, El Capitan, AMD already has a prestigious project, which from 2023 CDNA-2 and the accelerator can be used.