Ana Serradilla is ADVISED that you will marry with a violent


A new controversy has broken out in the world of showbiz, as the actress Martha Christian decided to speak up and denounce the toughest moments of violence that he lived at the hands of her former husband Raul Martinez Ostos, who is currently engaged with the actress Ana Serradilla.

It was through his Twitter account that the actress Martha Christian he said that, a few days carried out the initiative “A Day Without Us’, is that he took the decision to reveal that his ex-partner was violent with her on many occasions.

This photo I took my bruh @pedrofloresmx in a day random, without production, without professional makeup, with natural lighting, no stylist, with clothes to do errands in a typical day and it fascinates me because I look and so is the other self that co-inhabits in me. A being that measures and analyzes, observes and makes the hard. Penetrates and puts at times of nerves at the front. What you don’t know the opposite one is that the girl inside gives terror to discover their vulnerability and the hurt. The people who have loved, have done so when she has wanted independence, knowledge, when he has sown in his own plot. I like this portrait and I love it because it is innocent and does not know that all that awaits him is an immense gift that will fill of love, learning, autonomy, closeness with the one who loves adventures and challenges is invaluable. I have an infinite gratitude to this chavita that was also raffled with courage and that despite the criticism, the labels, the teasing always opted for the authenticity, never licked the egg to anyone, never had a strategic relationship for interest, did not ask for favors, not slept or lived with anyone for a job, he worked from the age of 16, it also financially supported a number of people, studied all that was curious, educated him as best she could to four children, married the number of times he had the desire, he teamed with their partners, are formed in the row of the jobs always as any without believe it and defended their ideas and their ideals in spite of cost relationships and jobs. Not played the harlot ever despite being socially accepted in the high-class prostitution, and living together for interest. The hug and tell him that I love, that I get it perfect, that everything went well and that my gratitude is infinite because it laid the groundwork for the life that today I enjoy and not change it for anything. Also forgive all the mistakes that he made throughout those beautiful years lads because: degrees of consciousness. #tbt ago as 17 years.

A publication shared Martha Christian (@martha_cristiana) the

Martha Christian tells of the assaults that he suffered with his ex

“You racionen the money is economic violence, which make you feel all the days that you’re wrong and that you are not enough because everything you do wrong, it is psychological violence and emotional AND IT IS NOT NORMAL. And that billfish of the world of cinema and show business to be offended because I WOMAN reported, speaking worse of them than they would like to condemn”,

But that has not been all, as the actress of TV Azteca recounted another assault in which he was subjected to by her ex: “Everything that happened on several occasions, happened in front of many people. One day I grabbed it to tug and screaming was at a venue in the city of Puebla at the end of a tribute that I made. There were more than two hundred people”.

Finally, the famous actress and model Martha Christian said: “This man can be charming, polite, intelligent, thoughtful, romantic, handsome, successful, cariñosísimo and VIOLENT. All at the same time. If you treat it: ending the relationship and COMPLAINT”.

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It is worth mentioning that in spite of these statements, do not seem to matter to the actress of Televisa Ana Serradilla, who in past days took place in Tulum, Quintana Roo, your bachelorette party along with several friends from the artistic environment, including Iliana Fox, Adriana Louvier and Grettell Valdez, to marry Raul Martinez Ostos.