Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the turning point: “I must stay, where he lives”


The photo without a veil was immediately viral: Angelina Jolie44-year-old has just posed Nude for the next issue Harper ‘ s Bazaar. But this, too, is enough to draw attention from the question that for years he thrilled both the fans what the press is: the end of his marriage with Brad Pitt. The consequences, more than anything else, a story that seems to be no rest-not even after you.

However, in the last time Angelina to speak again of Brad Pitt with toni’s unusual, relaxed, and diplomatic. In the center of that their bond remains, once again, there are the children.

While Pitt is suffering, the removal of the child Maddox, which refuses for a long time, the relationship with him, Angelina seems to do everything in his power to smooth out the family relationships between your children and your father. “It’s a loss was enormous,” he confessed recently, the actor, received by the son of a vague “I don’t know” the answer to ” who has asked him if he wanted to check his father.

After the misunderstandings have seemingly basic, to the epochal separation in the year 2015, Brad and Angelina now it seems to be a middle ground found. Difficult, limping, sensitive. But based on the need, a little cloudy in a family proved by the separation. So Angelina it came to explain: “I want my children to grow up in the world. I would love to live abroad and I don’t want to have just 18 years of age. Now I have to stay where her father, chooses the life”.