Angelina Jolie and the choice of mastectomy: “you See, the education of the children and know my grandchildren”


She’s out of surgery, to be able to grow, the children and the grandchildren. The famous actress and hollywood Angelina Jolieex-wife of Brad Pitt, who declared at the time Jennifer Aniston), left, why she is subjected to, before a mastectomy radicals and then with the removal of the ovaries.

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The first operation is followed by 2013, two years later: the operations, said Angelina, are used, because after the death of the grandmother, the mother and the aunt of an incurable disease was afraid to can’t see, grow his children and to know the grandchildren.

The experiences have shaped them: “Now there are ten years that I lost my mother – she’s history Times – You only knew some of his grandchildren and often was too sick to play with them. Now for me, it is hard to believe that what happens to me in life is the result of an election, the divine, because I think of how the lives of my children would have of you, and how his love and protection benefits that would have done well. My mother fought against cancer for a decade, and it came to 50 years. My grandmother died in the forties. I hope that my choices allow me to live a little longer”.

This was a conscious decision: “I have a choice to see increase my chance for my children (Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne) are of adults, my nephew, to know. My hope is that you will be able to live as long as possible so I can make it for you.”

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