Angelina Jolie is ready to fall in love after Brad Pitt


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is ready to fall in love again. Even if you still claim the opposite. The diva is starting with several people, according to a report in the American press. Photo LaPresse TO BROWSE THE GALLERY, AND ALL THE MEN OF ANGIE.

It seems to feel it, like:

“Never, not me innamorerò never!”.

That, a little, that’s what he claims in the interview in an interview as he left Brad Pitt. But the vow of chastity sentimental Angelina Jolie it didn’t take long.

The American news magazine UsWeekly exclusively reported that the divine may preach well, but razzoli very bad in private. In the sense that, in spite of the call of singlet Udine (or, to put it with Emma Watsonself-partnered), by a little time, treat yourself to dating. Nothing serious, so far. But the search for a companion or a companion new sequel.

For God’s sake, nothing wrong. On the contrary, we cheer for you, because you will find, a love. Loneliness is a feeling, not always pleasant.

But behind the vehemence with which he swear more, a little perplexed that you are in his life there is only space for their children. Are, in the life of their only reason. That you don’t still recovering from what happened with the father of these children. What, you want to try it again with a new love. The don’t want to hear the word marriage (it Seems that Brad is the face of this effect. Also Jennifer Aniston think so…).

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

The latest Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (together) our life. In a scene from By the Sea (2015), directed and written by her, played by two. The film, which is timed to coincide with the final break between the two.

Large declarations of intent, the more or less explicit. They melt like snow in the sun in front of the revelations in the U.S. press.

Is ready for a new Chapter in his life. To go further and to be open to a new relationship. Not against the idea of meeting someone new, even if it is not the priority in this moment“revealed a source in the weekly newspaper. “Before you dispose of, the casino, the his divorce“.

Already with the divorce. The Brad Pitt – his third – that seems to be the end. There are still too many open questions. It we are told here, why Brangelina are officially husband and wife.

The relations between the two ex always seem to be on the roller coaster. Periods of relative calm and cooperation, interspersed with cold, breaks, Siberian. Because, if you say, a monthly Harper’s Bazaar that you would love to live abroad, but the father of his children want to extend that to the boys, living in the city, in close proximity to him, not exactly sure, and an olive branch. On the contrary, he declared war on another time.

Angelina is still a big grudge against Brad“further UsWeekly. “And has no intention of losing, because you want him to live as the head of the upheavals that you and your children to tackle still“.

We have understood: you are still so many episodes of the novel-the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Is that you will find a new love or not.