Another Final Fantasy 7 Remake in the last 20 years? The developer can possibly imagine


There will be a 10-to 20-years old, the other a Remake of Final Fantasy 7? There will be a 10-to 20-years old, the other a Remake of Final Fantasy 7?

In the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake has not yet been published, and the sequel is so far away from you, just a little, it is well-known, such as the Producer, Yoshinori Kitase, commented: “in an Interview with the site GameSpot has already about the possibility of a future for most people, the most popular version of the role-playing game series.

We have, in the future, it’s another FF7 Remake?

The first, from the point of view of today, it appears that a small, sounds a bit absurd, that is, in the words of the developer, and that is understandable.

“We have to leave it in the Original, it would be Final Fantasy 7, to maintain the Reputation of the game in the past, in order to meet all the players and I no longer have access to it. It continues to be something that players will love for generations to come, we need to update it, still on the Way, as we do now. “

And now, the decisive sentence from the Realism: The developer says that it should be between 10 and 20 years old, the other, the Story, the game will remain in the minds of the players. Even if she’s the only one you should be, what he does in his career, so Realism, then, would be, according to him, it’s disappointing.

The question remains, what are the bumps on both of these technologies, as well as how to make video games for the next couple of decades, in order to justify another Remake. Look at the current work of the Publishing house Square Enix, so it already seems to be a very good thing.

When it comes to Episode 2?

What do we know so far about the sequel to the 7th in the series of Remakes is that, the development is to begin immediately after the Launch, at the beginning of April. Today, the second Episode is still in Pre-Production. More information can be found on the News of a fellow masked man.

The Remake of Final Fantasy 7 and 10. In April, for the first time, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

You can be in another Remake, part 7, and in the future to be imagined?