Apple Leak: iPhone 12, iPhone 64!


Camera to Upgrade to a 64 mega-pixel

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In the autumn of the year 2020 long-awaited iPhone, the 12, Pro, must have a Leak, by Max Weinbach, according to one version of the 64-Megapixel camera. Compared to the 12 Megapixel resolution of the iPhone, as 11 Pro, this would be a giant step forward. The night mode is designed to work with all of the cameras.

As for the iPhone, 12, iPhone 12, Pro look, it is not yet known. There will be an Update for the camera, on the other hand, it is always more likely to happen.

As for the iPhone, 12, iPhone 12, Pro look, it is not yet known. There will be an Update for the camera, on the other hand, it is always more likely to happen. (Source: Screen Capture From YouTube Video / Everything Applepro)

A report on the YouTube channel, everything applepro that Apple is going to increase for the next iPhone, the 12, finally, by the resolution of the camera. The information is based on information from the, already several times in the past, positively, no offense, Max Weinbach. Thus, the manufacturer is experimenting with different prototypes of the iPhone on the 12. Everyone should have a camera resolution of 64 mega pixels.

iPhone, of 2 reached the final stage of production-such as the iPhone, 9 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 …? The article Questions for Release, yet remain open to Right now we are waiting to close on the Release of the iPhone 2. As for the industry-reports from circles close to, it took Apple’s entry-level Smartphone in the Chinese plant, which is the biggest hurdle. Read it now

As you may know, the pure Megapixel count does not tell us anything about the actual quality of the image you see on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the data are accurate, and Apple and its line stays true to the form, you can certainly significantly better pictures with a higher dynamic range and contrast, and to give up. It also includes an all-new ultra-wide-angle-of-optical-contribute to the capture of up to 35% of the light.

The new Macro, and night mode

In order for you do not hear the good news – or, better said, the good of the rumored camera Upgrade for the iPhone yet. In the speech, it is also a new night mode that uses the iPhone’s 12, and even Selfies using the front-facing camera. In addition, the ultra-wide-angle lens optics in the Macro to enable this mode, clear shots in even a Nahstellgrenze of 2.2 cm.

And it’s also about the battery life of the iPhone, it could be cut to 12 Pro android 11, Pro. The capacity of the battery and is growing at ten per cent, and then, out of 4400 mAh.

The lower the Level, thanks to the periscope-camera?

In the Video of the speech, it is also assumed that Apple was working on a Review of the Face ID. The aim is that, by using a space-saving arrangement of the components that are required in a periscope so as to reduce the tilt (canvas, points) to.

Up until the Release of the iPhone 12, iPhone is 12 for a couple of months go by, Apple should stay with the previous cycle of the Update, in fact. Under certain circumstances, the sale is postponed for a few months now.