Ariana Grande “loves” Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend (Michael Polansky


6 March 2020

Ariana Grande saw the new selfie of Lady Gaga with the boyfriend Michael Polansky and could not do less than leave a sweet comment!

On his profile on Instagram, the singer of “Shallow” has shared a photo in which she is seated on the legs of the CEO of the Parker Group and a Harvard graduate, that is dating from the end of last year.

“We have a stupid love“wrote the 33-year-old in the caption, quoting her new single “Stupid Love”.

Among the many comments of the fans, stands out the one of Ariana Grande: “I love you both so much“.

A comment that suggests that Ariana has known the new boyfriend of Gaga: but how?

According to various clues, in the next album of Mother Monster “Chromaticathere could be a featuring between the two singers.

One is this: the protagonist and the teacher of the dance the “Dance Moms” Abby Lee Miller, who is working at the rehearsals of the tour of Jojo Siwa, has revealed that he would views in the same studio in Burbank, California.

Then the fans have noticed that Lady Gaga follows Ariana Grande on Instagram and it’s not something just because the artist of “Stupid Love” only follows 46 people in total (while it has 39.6 million of followers).

Finally, there is someone who has studied the like left over from the star of “Thank U, “Next”: it seems that Ari has put I like all the post related to the era of the “Chromatica” published by the colleague.

“Chromatica” is the sixth album in the studio with Lady Gaga and will be released next April 10. At the beginning of February, the star had made official the love story with Michael Polansky.

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