Arrive at 6 in the morning. Letizia does this three times a week. Attention!


March 06, 2020
(14:32 CET)

When the Queen Letizia it was known as Letizia Ortiz and changed the plates Spanish Television through the corridors of Zarzuela to become the wife of the heir to the Crown of Spain, was not one of the public entity. The monarch took a very precious commodity of the public entity.

Rather, it led him to borrow. We talk about María Luz Valero Renesesthat was his stylist and hairdresser when he presented information in TVE.

“Yes, I often help to Doña Letizia. The court is not a creation only of mine; she and I always consensuamos decisions. But I don’t have nothing to say, really,” said Valero in 2015, in an interview for The Other Chronic of The World. Those that Letizia called “bullshit” on a mobile message to your compi-yogi Javier Lopez Madrid.

Visits to the 6 of the morning

According to a feature in circles close to Zarzuela, Valero go often to the Pavilion Prince, address of Letizia and Felipe VI, where the left list for any public appearance. Feature that makes it at least three times a week, even when you don’t have institutional commitments.

One more of the secrets that it keeps Letizia to look perfect in their public appearances. For it is well known that the monarch is most concerned about their physical appearance.

The mother of the future queen Leonor you know perfectly well that the spotlight was focused on her, and also the notes in the journals of coated paper. Items you don’t want to give reasons for not a single criticism. He does not like the wife of the King Felipe VI you speak evil of it. And it leaves nothing to chance so as not to give even one reason that may lead to any chronicler clever to point out any detail that let in evidence.