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Google is on a similar path, and offers G Suite the clients (also in G, Suite for Education, the functions of the payment until the end of July, free of charge. The G-Suite is a full-featured collaboration Tool, and includes, for example, by E-Mail, calendar, collaboration, Google Docs, and shared Online storage.

Use the Easiest way to fit the Video and telephone conferences for up to 250 participants, it is possible to. For a company, but the Company should have a Plan in place, which cost 23 Euros per user, per month. With this Feature, Google will provide you with all of the G to a Suite without any extra charge. It has also been used for a Living can it be, that the Functionality of the Transmission, in sequence, with up to 100,000 attendees, in addition to this, virtual Meetings can be recorded, and the Drive for storage.