Ben Affleck did so badly in ‘Buffy, the vampire slayer’ that his only sentence was doubled by the director


Ben Affleck is one of the actors most recognized in the entire planet because of their diverse roles in films as iconic as ‘The indomitable Will Hunting’, ‘Lost’, ‘Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice’ or ‘Argo’ but it has not always been the actor so respected that it is today.

Ben Affleck

One of his first roles in Hollywood was in the movie ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’, very important not to confuse it with the series in 1997 starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. In this project, written by Joss Whedon who served as a pilot for the series, Ben Affleck played the “basketball player # 10” and did not appear neither in the credits. Only had one line of dialogue and it was: “cógela”.

“I’m with the ball when suddenly another player transforms into a werewolf and I get scarednaturally, as would you do if you saw a werewolf playing basketball”. Account of the american actor in an interview in SiriusXM. “And I give him the ball and say “cógela, uncle,” and I thought that would be good, the director seemed to be happy.

The actor gives an account of what really happened after going to the cinema to see the movie, without having tickets to the premiere even, and see that it was not really his voice. “It seems that the director hated it so much my interpretation that he repeated the whole performance and it was just a line. And I’m bent. In English!usually done in other languages”.

His next role

Ben Affleck managed to overcome that moment so terrible in his career and now presents his next project, ‘The Way Back’, a drama in which he plays a professor of basketball alcoholic. Can be seen at the movie theaters americans on the 6th of march. And the criticism that it is receiving the film are more than positive, pointing to the staff is humble and that is the interpretation of Affleck and solid that it becomes the narration of the film. Nothing to do with his previous role in the world of basketball with ‘Buffy, the vampire slayer’.