Best-in Wi-Fi with box & Blaster: a New laboratory for the Update


With a FritzBox 7490, and the FritzBox 7590 of the the two major ” Fritz has got the top four Fritz repeater (Fritz repeater 3000 and the Fritz repeater, 2400, Fritz repeater is 1200, and the Fritz repeater 1750E now, in the boxes, but it is also a laboratory for the Upgrade.

The laboratory of the Update to the FritzBox 7490, and the FritzBox 7590

All the functions that you test now, you can differ of course between the Router and the Repeater. Well, you can, at the 7490, and the 7590 is now with the enhancements in DNS-over-TLS in order to wait for, you have the 7590 is a better consumption of energy in the AP mode, as well as improvements to built-in Wi-Fi for guest access. In addition, the System is stable, and the user is charged to the surface more quickly, it is called the AVM. This AVM has fixed a couple of Bugs, where the FritzBox is restarted or settings are lost. Also, a defective display of a stationary target temperature of your home’s Smart devices, with access via MyFritz, was.

The laboratory for Upgrading to a four-Fritz repeater

Significantly more interesting thing is the new lab Capabilities in the area of the Fritz-Repeater is. There is no news about the support of the WPA3. You have to set the FritzBox to the Wi-Fi encryption to ‘ WPA2+WPA3, the Repeater, in this setting, the lab, the Upgrade automatically, unless you are using it as a device in the fabric.

Also new is a zoom of the Mesh in the Direction of. It improves the wireless performance of mobile devices. The mesh Steering means is that the Router and the Repeater to decide which is the frequency of a Wi-Fi network using your device. Thus, the devices are for use at any point in time, the better the Performance of the network. This is the laboratory version of the Loop Steering is expanded now to improve the performance of wireless-connected devices, more often if you are involved in. The Repeater Software will also check for devices that are Wi-Fi with a good connection on a regular basis, the best performance from your Wi-Fi network is possible. The device will be rolled out automatically to the Wi-Fi of the connection, such as, for example, when the device is on the FRITZ!The box from a distance or moving back in. Another innovation is the consideration of the alternative “paths” to the Loop Steering is. The terminal is in a FRITZ, you can, for example.A Repeater or a FRITZ!Powerline adapters can be controlled, with access to free Wi-Fi internet access will also be evaluated on the way out to the Internet (via wi-fi network, or Electrical grid), and in the Direction of the decision-making involved in it.

Also the new Senses of a Mesh Repeater network for Wi-Fi to interfere with, return it to the FritzBox as a fabric Master). This is a determination of the optimal wireless channel, taking into account the message of the new.

Then you have come to the lab, Upgrade

Fritz lab, you can use any of the listed devices at any time. If you’ve ever stood in the lab, you can install it only on the surface. Are you using it for the first time, and the Watson lab, go to the appropriate AVM-site. There, you you you you you you select your Router, or a Repeater, and download the correct Download of the file as a Zip file.

This Zip file is a file with extension that is, among other things .image. These will install in the user interface of your AVM device, such as a new piece of Software. Important: The Fritz laboratory, was provided by the MVA, but there is no Support for it. You must be working on something, you have to take care of oneself the elimination of the error.