Black Widow: the emergency-Coronavirus effect on the output?



Yesterday, the news came like a bolt from the blue, that the output No Time to The, the new Chapter in the history of 007, was a delay of 7 months due to the emergency Coronavirus. In a time in the film industry is forced to a situation, perhaps earlier (see delayed by the numerous outputs in the cinema and the case of the shooting Mission Impossible), now many fear that the arrival in a other titles of many expected in the coming months, can vary: it is “feared” in particular for outputs Black Widow, the new cinecomic Marvel Scarlett Johanssonand Fast and Furious 9, the new Chapter of the famous action saga with Vin Diesel.

Now, clarity on the situation, a new report Deadline after neither Disney nor Universal, the intention to move, the outputs would have provided, for the next may Black Widow and Fast and Furious 9. It remains to be confirmed – at the moment– that the cinecomic dedicated to the Black widow in the sale of U.S. on the 1. may in Germany on 29. april), while the ninth Chapter in the saga, the main role Domic Toretto slated us-22 play. may (in Germany) appears in front of the day, on the 21.

And always about the house of Mickey mouse, another report – this time from Variety – it hurts to know that the output of the expected live-action Mulan is in danger: the movie is confirmed, and for the next 27 March, in the halls of the American (in Germany) appears to be the day before, on 26).

Under the direction of Black Widow it was entrusted. Cate Shortlandthe second woman (after Anna Boden and Captain Marvel) to pass, a title of the universe movie, Marvel, while the screenplay has been rewritten in the last months of Ned Benson (The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby). Along with Johansson, there are also David Harbour, Florence Pughand Rachel Weisz.


After the extraordinary success of Avengers: Endgamethe highest grossing was the world always Scarlett Johansson takes its role as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.