¡Brutal! The millions of dollars of Selena Gomez: I look at what you have in the bank!


Each time is becoming more of a fashion rebel intimate secrets in public. Because there are not so many prejudices, and the people much appreciated the sincerity and transparency. Because we all love to know more of the people, not to judge or criticize, simply to get to know. And, all agree that, if there are two topics that do not like to talk about a lot is sex and money.

However, they are two normal things that everyone has, some more, some less. And already doesn’t look so evil in your eyes to speak in public of them. What is more, there are already quite a number of celebrities who have done so. The latest in joining the fashion has been Selena Gomez, although in their case, not because of what she said out of his own mouth. It was a fan page that leaked.

Even had to remove a lot. Because it revealed the fortune that has the american in his belt, in an approximate way. Something that is very easy to discover, because that puts it on various websites, who have knowledge of their income. And the result, obviously, left us all flabbergasted, as it accumulates, neither more nor less, than $ 80 million in assets.

In euros, 70 ‘kilos’. The figure remains quite high, no doubt. But it is something that has earned her roles as actress, appearing in several series and movies, or with his gifts as a singer. To this day, has sold more than 24 million tracks and three million albums. Some figures that speak for themselves.

Social networks are burning after the announcement

Logically, little took the social networks to share the news and be ‘eco’. And the reactions did not wait.

“Shame on you, with the people that are going hungry”, “I could share a little of his fortune” or “Selena, you know that money doesn’t bring happiness”, he comments.